Seven performances first broadcast on Facebook and Youtube in June 2021. Recordings still available to view on the Langtoun Jazz Youtube channel.

Five bands from across the UK and the US recorded sets for us from their homes or behind closed doors in various venues. You can catch up with performances by Wendy Kirkland/Pat Sprakes Sextet, the CRO Acceptance Band from the US, Blind Allick with Postcards from the Langtoun, Fiona Ross Septet and Guido Spanocchi Quartet on Youtube. We were also delighted that COVID restrictions had eased sufficiently to allow a socially-distanced audience to attend live recordings of sets by Gem Trio and Richard Michael with Hilary Michael – the first live music with an audience in Kirkcaldy for 16 months!

Below are some pictures of Gem Trio and Richard and Hilary.

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